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Are you looking to update your kitchen? Perhaps you have moved into a new home and a much-needed upgrade is needed, or maybe you have finally decided that it is time to change the looks of your home. Whatever the reason, a kitchen upgrade is one of the best projects that you can do in your home to not only increase the monetary value of the home, but to also help with the aesthetic appeal of the home.

The problem that many people face: what type of kitchen should they go for? There are several different styles that you can put into your home. It can be rather confusing when trying to decide on just what type of kitchen you should aim for. However, we have a few examples and main characteristics that can help you in making your decision!

Contemporary Kitchen: Smooth and Elegant

A contemporary kitchen is described with two main keywords: minimalist and geometric! A lot of what makes the contemporary kitchen is that it utilizes a lot of man made materials such as stainless steel, glass, chrome and laminate. One of the features that many people point out when looking at a contemporary kitchen is the light fixtures that are utilized. These are often eye catching and bring together the entire room. A great example of a Contemporary kitchen is below:

Notice the clean lines, use of stainless steel appliances, the smooth lines and the beautiful light fixtures that are handing in the kitchen.

Farm Kitchen: Antique or Re-purposed

For those who are considering a farm kitchen look, they will find that the whole idea around this style is to re-purpose what you already have in the kitchen or to find those antique looking items to really bring out the farm feel. Other elements that categorize this kitchen include open shelves, butcher block countertops and several wooden elements seen throughout the kitchen.

The neutral colors, white appliances and wood seen throughout this kitchen is a farming décor that can be dressed up with numerous types of décor!

European Style Kitchen: Grace and Elegance

A European Style kitchen is often described as being graceful and elegant, along with being modern in the feel that you have upon walking into the room. A few characteristics of this type of kitchen are the clean lines that are seen throughout the kitchen, the neutral types of colors that are utilized and the sleek feel to everything.

Modern Looking Kitchen: A Sophisticated Aire

Many people confuse modern looking kitchens with those that are contemporary. And, they are very similar. The modern looking kitchen is going to encompass glass, a lot of white and some asymmetry lines.

The above is a great example of a more modern looking kitchen. With white cabinets, an open floor plan and beautiful countertops it is a breathtaking addition to any home

Traditional Kitchen: A Classic Option

A traditional kitchen is a great option for someone who wants a timeless look. Some of the characteristics of a traditional kitchen includes natural flooring, decorative lighting, classic colors such as creams, greys and wood stained cabinets, crown molding and some flare is added in with custom range hoods. Below is a great example of a traditional kitchen with some added flare!

Bar Kitchen: An Added Element for Any Kitchen

Adding a bar into any kitchen is an element that can help with space issues that a person may have in their kitchen, offer more sitting arrangements, and add a visual element that brings in the whole room. These bars can be added into the middle of the kitchen, along an empty wall or anyplace that there is a little extra room. Below is a great example of a bar that is added into a farm décor kitchen.

With all the examples above, what is your style for your kitchen? Remember, you can combine elements of each type of style to make this even more personal and one of a kind!