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When you are ready to redesign your kitchen, there are several terms that are thrown around to categorize just what type of kitchen you may be seeking. Two of the more popular options that people aim for are those contemporary and modern themed kitchens. However, where the confusion starts is that these are two separate types of styles. Most people believe that these are simply two terms for the same style.

What is a Contemporary Style?

Contemporary style is defined as what is being created right now! This is the latest designs that people are utilizing in their home, and it is going to change in the next ten years. Contemporary is whatever is in with designers and architectures. And in 20 years, this style is going to be entirely different, depending on what is considered stylish at the time.

What is Modern Style?

Most people believe that modern style is going to refer to anything from the 20th century. However, modern design is connected to the age of machination that was from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. The styles that we see with modern styled kitchens are going to be those that are reminiscent of this time, yet also have their own elements that make them great for today’s home!

The Elements of a Contemporary Kitchen

The Contemporary styled kitchen is going to embrace several elements. Keep in mind, when redesigning a kitchen, you don’t have to stick with just one style, nor do you have to utilize all the elements that make up this kitchen. You can pick and choose, choosing what really makes you feel comfortable in your home. A few elements that contemporary kitchens today are utilizing:

  • Understated architecture that is still significant
  • An open floor plan
  • Unique forms of some sort
  • Simple, clean lines
  • Utilize natural materials
  • Lots of natural light
  • A transition into the kitchen that is reminiscent of what is seen outdoors
  • Comfort is key to today’s contemporary

A great example of something that utilizes several of the elements of the contemporary kitchen is this beauty:

This beautifully crafted kitchen is utilizing the clean lines, significant elements of architecture throughout the kitchen, along with combining nature into this kitchen. It is one kitchen that anyone that can be proud to have as their own!

The Elements of a Modern Kitchen

There are several elements of a modern kitchen that can be a great way to guide you into what you want in your home! These elements include:

  • Utilizing plastic, polished metal and even plywood
  • The use of bare floors or those that appear bare
  • A major use of the color white in the kitchen, whether it be the cabinets or the walls
  • Utilize as many natural materials as possible
  • A minimal is more attitude towards the kitchen

This is a great example of a more modern kitchen:

The bare, natural floors, along with the white color, stainless steel appliances and the neutral colors countertop, make this a timeless, modern kitchen.

Why are Modern and Contemporary Easily Confused?

The main reason that these two styles are easily confused now is that these are used interchangeably for most people now. The two have very similar looks right now. For example:

Several of the elements that are seen in this kitchen can be categorized into both styles. It has the open style of contemporary, yet utilizes the coloring of a modern style. The key to redesigning your kitchen in either style is to be honest with what you want and think about the longevity of the style options that you are considering!